3 January 2023

New song: Kiss Your Friends

"an amalgam of styles, almost a pocket symphony, starting as an acoustic solo track with kids voices in the background urging him to get out of bed, before evolving into a multi-layered, melancholic plea for being nice to your inner circle 
that could have been recorded during the heyday of the Laurel Canyon scene." Here Comes The Flood



"Most of the songs are of a higher level pop music, and that, for me, is hard work. Like 'Crosby, Stills, Nash', like 'Pet Sounds', like The Beatles songs like 'Got To Get You Into My Life' or 'Good Morning' or like some songs of Steely Dan. Songs falling into the pop category but only for lack of a better one.
With Plenty Of Blankets Sander van Munster dives off the high board without knowing if there's water in the pool or enough blankets providing a soft landing for that matter. There is. Plenty, I can share with you. This album is of such a delicate beauty, to surrender is the only option."

"Channeling Harry Nilsson (plus a quick reference to the Beatles's Come Together) this is as close as he ever got to being part of the Great American songbook. The hooks, the melody, the arrangements, it's all there. (...)
It is an album without any weak spots and it's hard to pick a stand-out track, but when push comes to shove it is the sprawling Come Closer - 13 Steps - Good Times (For John), an adventurous amalgam of a '70s inspired songsmith tune giving way to a dreamy bridge for the 13 steps, while being chased by a freak-out guitar, culminating in a Beach Boys sequence."



Digital release = 8 Sep, CD out now!


Custom Pope. Second single of the forthcoming album Plenty of Blankets.
*stream Custom Pope*

"..this feels like a lost 70's Steely Dan track if Harry Nilssen was the guest vocalist. Like the proverbial rabbit hole, the more times you listen the farther you fall." 

Photo by Jaap Scheeren
Produced by Wubbo Siegers, who also played drums
Other instruments & vocals by Sander
Mastering: Darius van Helfteren

About first single (and titletrack) Plenty of Blankets (album release September 2022): 

"a gentle song about the need to stay close to each other" 
Here Comes The Flood

"If the single is a bellwether for the album it will be an intimate affair filled with songs one will want to listen to."

"A syrupy indie folk gem with a huge, red pop heart, and gentle, psychedelic finishing touches."
Last Day Deaf


[26 August 2021] 

White Lies
Recorded live for Amsterdam Acoustics in May 2013, now finally a studio recording.


[6 July 2018]

One take, one mic, recorded live at Studio peggy51.

Produced, mixed, mastered & cover photo by Michel Vermeulen.
Recorded on 3 November 2017 (with a Flea 47).

"One of the most impressive things about If You Want This To Mean Something is that it was recorded in one take, and yet it sounds simply perfect to us. Van Munster sounds almost like a modern day Bob Dylan, and the track is simply beautiful, with a heartbreaking melody winding through the chorus. If this doesn’t mean something to you then there must be something seriously wrong!"
York Calling (UK)

"A glorious piece for love. Often we fall in love without knowing that it’s happened. It’s a celebration to tell that tale for all to feel.
Kudos, Sander. Kudos."

"This EP is like a house concert, with the artist right in front of the audience. Kudos to Michel Vermeulen who captured it perfectly,"

Here Comes the Flood (NL)

"This EP is nothing but a gift to mankind. The title of the EP is completely correct. "If you want this to mean something, this could mean everything to you", Sander van Munster sings in the title song. It is this what is on offer, absolute musical beauty. Time for you to unwrap this present, dear reader."
WoNo Magazine (NL)


[27 Jan 2017]

We Share a Dream + Video for DANCE DANCE


No Ninja Am I - Dance Dance from No Ninja Am I on Vimeo.

The video for Dance Dance was written & directed by Steef Hupkes, shot by Hjalmar Ilmer, starring Mandela Wee Wee, Lotte Rischen, Shannon Man and Martin Deelstra. Editor: Frits de Beer.

We Share a Dream was recorded at home except Dance Dance: recorded at Studio peggy51
Mixed & mastered by Michel Vermeulen at Studio peggy51
Coen Hamelink plays trumpet on Magnolia and fl├╝gelhorn on Dance Dance
Gijs Kerkhoven plays viola on Magnolia
Artwork by Coen Hamelink
Music by Sander van Munster
For Eva

"Sander van Munster performs delicate folk songs as No Ninja Am I.
He released a new EP called We Share A Dream. Here’s a beautiful and subtle song of it, Dance Dance.

Licking the Rabbit 

"Somewhere between the forlorn serenity of Sufjan’s Michigan, the mystical side of Simon and Garfunkel, and the William Fitzsimmons’ subtle depths of emotion lies this beautiful track"
 Independent Clauses (USA)

"Beautiful new video and ep. Glooming, distant, tender and a bit darkish songs."
Theo Ploeg

"gentle loveliness"

Song, by Toad (Scotland)

"simple, elegant, chilled-out
LouderSoft (USA)

"Great project by Sander van Munster that fascinated us from the first listen"

L'Attimo Fuggente (Italy)

"the exquisite slow song Dance Dance takes this collection of tender, hopeful songs to the next level. Van Munster is a dreamer and he likes to share them through his music. We Share a Dream does what it says on the tin. Open it and the contents will make the world a better place for as long as the music is playing."
Here Comes The Flood


[7 Sep 2017]


Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2wKmefm

A unique collaboration between two Amsterdam based songwriters resulting in a seductive break-up song.

released September 7, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Sander van Munster and Emmanuelle Ornon
Mixed by Gijs Kerkhoven
Mastered by Michel Vermeulen at Studio peggy51
Artwork and video by Emmanuelle Ornon